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My friend Natalie (aka Loki of Scotunheim) was at the London premiere of Cap 2 and as she won the cosplay contest she got to meet and greet the cast. Seb Stan loved her Loki, and he asked her if they could get a photo of Loki and the Winter Soldier glaring each other down. This was the result. What an adorable nerd.

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You can see the exact moment where it goes


And then it falls in.

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i feel like this dress is sending a message but I’m not sure what it is

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Anon has a nightmare

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  • I am in one fandom
  • I am in more than one fandom
  • I am not in any fandoms
  • I have less than 1,000 posts
  • I have 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have 10,000-25,000 posts
  • I have 25,000-50,000 posts
  • I have 50,000+ posts
  • I have edited the html of my theme
  • I am using a default theme from the theme garden
  • I am following less than 100 blogs
  • I am following 100-500 blogs
  • I am following 500+ blogs
  • I have no tracked tags
  • I have less than 10 tracked tags
  • I have 10+ tracked tags 
  • I have no saved urls
  • I have less than 10 saved urls
  • I have 10-50 saved urls
  • I have 50+ saved urls
  • I have liked less than 100 posts
  • I have liked 100-1,000 posts
  • I have liked 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have liked 10,000-50,000 posts
  • I have liked 50,000+ posts
  • I made my own icon
  • I have no drafts
  • I have less than 10 drafts
  • I have 10-50 drafts
  • I have 50+ drafts
  • I have no posts in my queue
  • I have less than 100 posts in my queue
  • I have 100-500 posts in my queue
  • I have 500+ posts in my queue 
  • I have 0-1,000 followers
  • I have 1,000-5,000 followers
  • I have 5,000-10,000 followers
  • I have 10,000+ followers
  • I use xkit
  • I use another tumblr extension
  • I have no messages in my inbox
  • I have less than 100 messages in my inbox
  • I have 100-1,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 1,000-5,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 5,000+ messages in my inbox
  • I have 1 blog
  • I have 2-5 blogs
  • I have 5+ blogs

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i mean im not saying the inquisitor will probably die at the end to save us from the demons

but im saying the inquisitor might die at the end to save us from the demons

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i like to imagine he plays dress up with his nieces

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